Train with top-notch certified trainers while receiving digital meal plans from a certified nutritionist. If you're on a strict diet or have food allergies, don’t worry! 

Have you ever heard of a grand slam? That’s what Honestgainzz digital platform offers to trainers and clients. By providing as much value as possible, we have designed a program so efficient trainers have no trouble keeping clients happy. Our fulfillment team is rock solid with rapid delivery. So why do we refer to it as a grand slam? Honestgainzz covers all bases by providing a one stop shop for clients, trainers, nutritionists, and dietitians to work together. Looking for a digital platform to help your clients train online? Contact us today!

HonestGainzz Academy

Our Mission

We equip our members with the attitudes and tools to help them successfully navigate through the trails of life. This is a space of support. Our program connects with people from all over the world as we all face the same challenges regardless of culture or country.


Core Values

Unity; we are stronger together. Everyone has super powers, and sometimes we just need a little help figuring out how to use them.

Nurturing excellence and a positive mindset to achieve goals.

Inspiring others to go the extra mile and to do the right thing regardless of whether someone else is watching.

Training; Everything needs maintenance, and we’re all responsible for servicing our bodies.

Youth are the future. Choosing appropriate and effective strategies to help youth achieve their goals will require the support of parents and guardians.


HonestGainzz Academy and Prep provides a structured setting that provides beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of training in health and fitness, while encouraging and supporting academic excellence. The program provides knowledge and work habits developed within the fitness industry. Included are lectures, reading assignments, and student presentations on physical fitness training.

HonestGainzz Academy

HonestGainzz Prep


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