About Marcel Jackson


I have focused my life around health and fitness. My primary passion has been safety and giving back to the community.  Through playing sports and working for the fire service, I learned the importance of training. HonestGainzz isn’t just about working out, it’s about building an honest lifestyle. My honest lifestyle wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the great mentors and structure I’ve received through the years. I’m thankful for the discipline I received throughout my life, and I want to share that experience with each person I train.

As a physical trainer, I design custom wellness and physical fitness training programs. I earned my fitness trainer certification through the International Sports Sciences Association. I’m walking proof that you can still achieve a great physique with a back injury. People thought I’d never recover from a severe back injury I sustained on the job two years ago. Through perseverance and discipline, I was able to work through my pain and gain my mobility back. I am passionate about helping you reach your goals.

Thank you for your attention! I would love to hear your thoughts.

About Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers is the Lead Dietitian and Co-Founder of Silicon Valley Nutrition and Performance, located in the Southern Bay Area. SVNP provides virtual nutrition coaching and 1-on-1 personal training through custom, goal-based programs. Kevin is also a clinical dietitian in an acute care hospital, and he is the VP of membership for the Silicon Valley District of the California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Kevin has worked in collaboration with Honestgainzz on a multitude of projects, all in an effort to keep your gainzz honest and promote the health of the community.


About Devonie Davison

Devonie Davison

I specialize in making movies that bring your vision to life. By capturing a unique part of moments that are seldomly displayed, I add my Slick & Slimy style creating a masterpiece that can never be replicated. I love what I do while making sure that everyone is happy by exceeding expectations. Boxing is what I do professionally. Since my fighting style is fast and slick, I named my company “Slick & Slimy.” While I am a videographer, I’m still an active fighter, so I decided to use my boxing ring as my logo.


About Alexandra


From the beginning of my time in education, I have always wanted to be an extra cheerleader for students. My time as a school counselor has given me the opportunity to see the other side of education through the eyes of my students. Over the years, many students I have worked with have experienced trauma and hurdles that I could not imagine going through at that age. Their inner strength inspires me to work even harder to make their dreams of pursuing higher education possible. As a leader, I work to take away barriers that prevent students from accomplishing their goals and reaching their dreams. My objective as a member of the HonestGainzz team is to bring families, the community and school together to promote lifelong learning through wrap-around services for students. To reach this objective, the key elements needed are collaboration, compassion, ethics, and transparency. By having a supportive team at school and home, the student can achieve and maintain grade level proficiency to be ready for post secondary education and future career.

I have worked in public education as a School Counselor for 9 years within the bay area and central valley. I have worked within both middle and high school settings. I have also completed the requirements necessary to go into the field of administration. I have worked with and supported a diverse student population.

Read my Benefits Page to learn about 10 benefits of exercising daily.

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